Bolnar International Ltd offers its clients a variety of optional value-added services to further enhance their offshore procurement programs. These include:

• Vendor Payments Through a separate written mandate, clients can use Bolnar's banking network as the payment vehicle for their offshore purchases, eliminating costly bank charges on individual funds transfers and ensuring no lost checks or overdue payments to international suppliers.

• Local warehousing Upon request, Bolnar's US and European offices can provide Hub services at local warehouses close to client delivery sites, thereby helping clients realize JIT inventory goals and protecting them against stock-outs from unforseen demand.

• DDP Pricing Also upon request, Bolnar is able to provide complete door-to-door deliveries with "Delivered, Duty-Paid" pricing, sparing clients the need to pay freight forwarders and brokers, make Customs clearances, or arrange inland trucking services.

• Freight Consolidation Bolnar is willing to manage consolidated freight shipments for clients to help them obtain the most economical ocean or air freight costs from the Far East.

• MRP For clients without a formal MRP system, Bolnar can "explode" requirements from top-level bills of material to generate schedules for individual parts and subassemblies.

• Gerber and CAD File Management Bolnar uses a number of techniques for ensuring the control of Gerber files for PCBs, or CAD drawings for parts and tooling, using FTP and other Internet protocols.

• EDI Bolnar uses EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for the processing of purchase orders, forecasts and shipment advices. Most popular EDI formats are in use at Bolnar, including GE and Harbinger.

• Status Reports Open order status reports are available from Bolnar to give clients a quick snapshot of current and future delivery schedules.